Get an overview of all emails in one place and move emails between employees seamlessly.

Connect up your own email address in minutes and receive all your emails into CRM+. If you wish, you can also keep your old inbox and have a copy of all emails there.

If the email address of a customer is registered in CMR+ from before, the system will automatically allocate the email directly to the customer, so you get better visibility, control, and it saves time. This makes sure you never have to sort a email ever again!

If you receive an email from an email address that is not in the system, you can easily convert the email either to a customer, or a lead, for further action.

Add internal notes – for yourself or others in the company – to emails. This is to remember things, or be able to communicate internally concerning emails, without the customer seeing it.

Do you want to forward an email internally, simply change the “User” on an email, and it will move automatically.


All emails you receive are automatically given a deadline, you decide the timeframe yourself. This increases the focus on response time in the business, which improves efficiency and increases customer satisfaction.


CRM+ is controlled by users

Everything we develop is to provide our users with an easier workday. See what we’re working on, add ideas and wishes, and vote for what we will develop next.