Create everything from simple tasks to complex workflows.

When you get new customers or leads you can easily create custom tasks with a checklist of what you need to remember to do.

If you see that you have standardised tasks, that is repeated frequently, you can easily build a template with checklist of what needs to be done, and reuse it.

If there are tasks to be done regularly, for example at the beginning of every month, this can be set up.

When you finish a task, it can be that an associated task should be completed straight after, either by yourself or someone else. Connect as many tasks consecutively as you want, and make sure that everything is done correctly.


Trigger standard emails when you finish a task, such as confirmation of services completed to an existing customer, or an email to a potential customer with more information.


Build as complex workflows as you want and set up questions in the workflow if there are several possible outcomes in the next step. Choose between triggering a task, sending out automated emails, mark a lead/customer as “lost”, convert leads to customers, or complete and close the entire task based on different outcomes.

CRM+ is controlled by users

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