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A revolutionary all-in-one IT system that automates onboarding, follow-ups and deliveries to your customers

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...all together in one IT system!

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It is easier to run a business
with everything in one place

Emails, documents, tasks, deadlines, customer data, internal notes, timekeeping – it can be a lot to keep track of. Well, we have collected it all in one place, in one login, for your whole business. You should focus on the task at hand and not the systems behind. Run more efficiently, with a good software foundation!

Give customers and employees a good experience

Control, overview, and a more structured work day for everyone in the company. This provides security for both business customers and employees. How the company is organised internally – with systems and procedures – will always reflected externally, and therefore it is important to have things on point. This often begins with the software used.


A simpler workday

With CRM+, a coworker sees their working day or week and a manager can get an overview of the company, through a single click. See communication with customers, what everyone is working on, and how the business meets the tasks and deliverables.

Tasks ready for use

To make it as easy as possible, we have created tasks that can be used right away! Tasks that have been developed and tested internally in Synega within sales, onboarding of new customers, sales of one-time services and reoccuring services, and tasks for when a customer relationship ends.

Connect the system to your company website

Connect the company website directly to our system and get all inquiries into CRM+, and to the correct person automatically. If you need to connect to another system, this is simply done with over 3,000 other systems through Zapier or our API.

CRM+ is controlled by users

Everything we develop is to provide our users with a better workday. See what we’re working on, add ideas and wishes, and vote for what we will develop next.


Don't overpay!

You don’t have to pay for large-scale systems, which has much more functionality than will be used. We have compiled the most basic functionalities, and linked them together in one system. With us, you get everything you need and none of what you don’t need. And by the way – the first user is free.