Do you want to join us build the future of legal offices?

As a lawyer at Synega, you can get
better paid, more flexibility and even more freedom!


We chose to move the entire law firm up into the cloud.

Synega Legal is a new business law law firm that wants to challenge established solutions in the industry. Our goal is to become a preferred employer for lawyers who want responsibility, flexibility and freedom in everyday work.

As a lawyer, you get the opportunity to offer your legal expertise from anywhere and when it suits you best, regardless of where in the country you or the client is located. You choose how much work you want to take on with the push of a button.

At Synega, you do not have to worry about administration and sales. Over the past three years, Synega has developed a completely unique IT system, which seamlessly connects customers and service providers, with significant use of logic. At the same time, the technology handles all administration completely automatically, from order confirmation and customer control, to timekeeping and invoicing.

The effect is that you as a lawyer will be able to focus on your professional areas with a realistic invoicing rate of 98-100% – for the benefit of both the client and the lawyer. One result is that prices towards the market can be pushed and new pricing models are introduced – such as payment per minute, fixed price and subscription solutions.

At Synega, we believe that technological development will continue to fundamentally change the legal market. On the client side, there are increasing demands for efficiency, price and quality, while many lawyers want more flexibility, professional focus and payment in line with their efforts.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of this development.

We want innovative, professionally skilled and service-minded lawyers. We offer flexible employment. How much you want to work is entirely up to you – a lot, little or something next to existing work or law practice. All variants are possible at Synega.


The services our customers receive assistance with

We help customers get everything in order from employment and HR, privacy and GDPR, start-up and company law, intellectual property rights and marketing law. The client should not have to look for the right lawyer. When ordering from us, they get a lawyer who is an expert in the subject area they need help with.


Get more back for your time.


You control your schedule yourself.


Work from wherever you want.


This is how you become a part of Synega


Fill out information about your work experience, and you will find out how much you can get paid with us.

Have a non-committing chat

We call you for a non-committing chat to see if this is something that is right for you.

Go through training

You move on to online training where you get a thorough introduction to the Synega platform, systems and routines.

Select work area and systems

You choose the type of work you want to do and the systems you want to work in.

Get assigned customers

To begin with, you will be assigned a few clients so you can get started.

Await internal control

One of our inspectors reviews your work and checks that everything is as it should be.

Evaluate moving forward

At this point, we take a foot in the ground and make a decision on whether this is something that works for both you and us.

Select workload

If you continue, you can now choose how much you want to work and how many clients you will have.

Bring clients and get paid better

If you bring clients to us, you will get paid better on these customers, then on the customers you get from us. For example, if you run a small legal office today, you can bring clients from there into our structure and cut your costs on IT systems, licensing, marketing, customer service, website, etc.


Any questions?

If you do not find the answer below, you can click on the chat button and we will call you.

Our payment model is based on the general parameters in each countries official surveys  among other similar roles.  The reason we can pay more than the average is that we are 100% online and have no physical office or costs associated with this.

Basically yes, as long as you have a mobile with a local number and a computer with a good internet connection. If you do not already have an optimal office layout, our consulting department can help you find an office space near where you live.

No, you can choose how much you want to work, but everyone with us starts with a few clients. This is dependent on the amount of work on the each client and how much time you have available. If everything goes well and you want to work more, you will be assigned more clients eventually.


Yes, you can. But you must answer all client inquiries that come in during normal weekdays within a certain time, and if customers want to talk to you during normal working hours, you must arrange for this. We always prioritise great client service. 


No. Most of our consultants have regular clients, but it is also possible to do individual assignments or only work with one time contracts.

No, you do not have to be authorised, but you must have enough experience. If you are not authorised, you will have an authorised manager who controls the work you do.

Yes, you can, because you sell hours to us as a consultant, while we sell services to clients.

Become part of tomorrow's workplace

Synega takes consulting into the 21st century and we’re working towards becoming companies’ preferred provider of services, wherever companies may be located. We do this by offering a large selection of excellent services, at great prices, exclusively online.